For Investors

For Investors

Invest in Denmark help VCs and corporates to invest in Danish startups.  If you are interested in learning more about the participating startups, we highly recommend that you participate in our pitch night on the 28th of September.
We’d also gladly set up individual meetings – it is up to you!

An Innovative and vibrant startup community

Denmark is home to 22% of the around 430 scaleups in the Nordics. The Nordic countries have 1.6 scaleups for every 100,000 people, which is 2.5 times the ratio in the UK, almost 6 times the average ratio in Continental Europe, and 9 times the ratio of Southern Europe.

Scaleups per 1000 people

The Nordics
Continental Europe
Southern Europe

(source: Copenhagen Capacity)

How Can we Help you?

Denmark ranks top in terms of university-industry cooperation and offers Scandinavia’s most knowledge-intensive research and business environment. So, if you are actively scouting for new technologies, let us help you to identify and target relevant startups or introduce you to the many world-class R&D clusters in Denmark. We also advise on the many favorable business framework conditions unique to Denmark.

All our services are free of charge and fully confidential. 

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